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‘Shock value’: Electrical current machine helps T.J. Oshie stay in top shape

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January 4

An electrical current is pumping into T.J. Oshie when he is working out, when he is warming up before games, when he is recovering after them and when he is sleeping, roughly 12 hours a day in all.

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About MyARP

What is MyARP?

MyARP is a movement and training system exploiting neural facilitation to significantly accelerate the body’s natural recovery and performance ability.

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How does MyARP work?

Injuries are caused by the body’s inability to absorb force. When we fatigue, our muscles shorten. This muscle tightening reduces and limits our ability to absorb force, resulting in lower performance and higher risk of injury. MyARP keeps muscles relaxed or “loosened” by eccentric lengthening, resulting in the ability to absorb much more force without injury. Using MyARP before sport practices/games, or other physical activity, will increase the effectiveness of absorbing, as well as creating, more force. The results include injury prevention, reduced fatigue and better performance. Using MyARP after sport practice and games, or any other physical activity, will generate instant recovery without soreness and pain.

Who can use MyARP?

The MyARP Concept is beneficial to everyone (*) regardless of age, sex and occupation. We also specialize in consulting for self-administered, accelerated recovery from all type of muscle injuries and surgery, including the prevention of surgeries. In some cases, we can also treat muscle-related spinal cord injuries.