Performance Potential Management

Top performance results from multiple training modalities. While traditional training works on the body’s hardware, MyARP is supplements everything else by addressing the body’s software, i.e. nervous system. Thus MyARP provides the edge for top performance by facilitating remodeling of central nervous system connections which coordinate and refine movement (this is, in effect, “software”)

Our performance management consultants work directly with over 2,400 top athletes as well as professional teams in a variety of sports ranging from American Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Martial Arts, Track & Field to Marathon running, Golf etc.



MyARP will design protocols for use after game, training or practice so I can fully recover.

MyARP will design protocols to maximize my overall performance potential.

MyARP will design rehab protocols should I be injured to radically speed up my recovery, and work in conjunction with my medical staff.

The goal is allow me to be as fresh at the end of each season as I am in the off season.

For teams MyARP provides injury recovery and performance consultants.

MyARP will design protocols to be used after a game, training or practice to fully recover team members.

MyARP will design protocols to increase the players’ speed and strength.

MyARP will design rehab protocols should a player be injured, to radically speed up his recovery.

MyARP will design protocols to speed up the recovery from surgery.

The goal is to allow the team to display its full potential at all times by minimizing training- and performance-related cost.

MyARP is an important added value to the team’s performance management systems and as such fully integrates with existing team processes without disruption.