Effective Recovery is key to my general well being, lifestyle enjoyment as well as pain-free activities regardless of age and profession.



MyARP is a system designed to recover and prepare the body for any activity, increase quality of life and prevent most sport and workplace injuries.

To do this anywhere and at any time (even during activities), the ARP Personal Recovery System (“PRS”) was just recently launched. The PRS is an excellent tool developed to condition the body for repetitive tasks and continuous activity, as well as to rapidly recover from any activity.

The portable PRS can be used in addition to all other ARP technology.

Use of the PRS with sport training will greatly enhance the level of performance.

The PRS sends messages to the muscles to allow them to perform in a more efficient manner and to increase the muscles’ ability to absorb and hence create force.

  • The more force you can absorb the less injury you will suffer.
  • The more force you create the more explosive your performance will be.