MyARP Concept provides you the know-how and support in the use and application of the proprietary ARPwave and EVO Sport Ultrafit protocols and technologies.


What we believe and what we can offer

We believe that health is a choice, that wellbeing and high quality of life are much more than the ordinary status in absence of illness. The human body and especially brain are incredible and self-sufficiently capable of healing.
However, without the nervous system, which is the master control system, operating at full capacity, the body lacks control of all the functions. We get unwell because the nervous system, our software, is disrupted through chemical, physical and emotional stress, thereby interfering with the body’s ability to heal and rejuvenate itself.
The MyARP Concept focuses on identifying the neurological origin of your physiological issues and removes impediments that prevent you from living your life without health problems and pain, at an accelerated pace.
MyARP Concept ensures its users higher quality of life, better wellbeing and extraordinary performance ability by employing exciting techniques that can reduce or eliminate the pain and other distressing symptoms they experience and/or live up to their true potential.
Our Neurological Training and Recovery techniques do not involve surgical procedures or medications, yet they often yield incredible outcomes – greatly diminishing the acuteness of the pain, discomfort and inflammation our clients are exposed to in performing daily activities. Our pain-relief and recovery treatments have a well-documented track record of 95% success rate on a sample of more than 300.000 clients in US and are based on scientific observation and study.

Soft tissue injuries

Soft tissue injuries (muscle, tendon, ligament) – including those which accompany bone fractures – disrupt efficient motor function in two ways: mechanical damage to such tissues – like tears or bruises – results in pain and swelling which directly impair their mechanical properties. Perhaps more importantly, neurological responses result in “splinting.” This is a natural adaptation of the nervous system to “protect” the injured area. It limits movement of the injured area by causing muscles to remain in a state of partial contraction (tight). This is experienced as stiffness, soreness and cramps and, while it does stabilize joints by limiting movement, later in the healing process it reduces the “shock absorber” function of muscles by keeping them insufficiently relaxed long after the injury. Such tense muscles allow transfer of too much force to ligaments and tendons which are not elastic. Forces which are undamped by relaxed muscles are more likely to cause injury to ligaments and tendons upon impact, especially in sporting activities. Normally relaxed (“loosened”) muscles thus protect tendons and ligaments from injury.

Threat of Compensation Movements

Untreated, the ongoing symptoms of healing in athletes make ordinary levels of performance impossible for a considerable period of time. In some cases, peak function may never return without intervention. Further, tightening in one muscle has effects far beyond the local area of injury. This can include prolonged and sometimes permanent changes in entire patterns of movement. For example, an ankle injury will lead to significant changes in gait, since how one walks involves not only muscles near the ankle. The ankle injury will change motion at the knee, the hip, the back – even the torso and arms. This is because compensatory movements are introduced which affect balance – to compensate for altered center of gravity. All this results from the ankle injury.

Impact of MyARP training

Use of MyARP stimulation, combined with a guided training process, significantly shortens both local tissue healing and the neurological remodeling necessary to restore optimal motor function. In the absence of injury, this same combination of electrical stimulation and specific exercise can greatly enhance physical performance and reduce the likelihood of injury in the first place. This applies to highly-trained athletes as well as to individuals who perform repetitive tasks of any kind.

Comparison with other EMS

Various transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation (TENS) devices have existed for 50 years and have been used with varying success to treat injury and pain. APRwave represents a quantum leap in this technology by significantly enhancing the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Not only does it hasten and improve local healing of damaged soft tissues such as muscles, ligaments and connective tissue. More importantly and uniquely, it retrains neurological motor pathways which are essential for optimal muscle function. It quickly returns muscles to their normal relaxed or “loosened” state. TENS does not accomplish this as it does not penetrate muscle deeply enough and does not affect neurological motor pathways, particularly those adjusting muscle tension (for additional information on regulation of muscle tension, see

Through the consulting and correct application of the MyARP Concept anyone can be supported in attaining an excellent state of efficiency to:



the rehabilitation from any soft tissue injury



to lead a pain-free life



to deliver top results through maximizing your performance and recovery potential

How does it work?

The human body, virtually every part of it (including bone, albeit slowly), undergoes a continuous process of remodeling and repair. This basic property of all living matter is accelerated in injured tissues. Though the goal of healing is to restore normal function, the process is slow and the result is often suboptimal. For optimal function to return, tissue architecture – how the muscle fibers (parenchyma) and connective tissue (stroma) fit together – must be restored precisely. Even small changes in architecture along with residual pain can result in markedly diminished performance. For example, a scar in a muscle can not only change the alignment of healthy muscle fibers, it can subtly change the angle and force vectors by which a muscle acts on a ligament or tendon to move a joint. Small healing defects such as scars or residual organized hematomas can permanently modify movement at a joint. As we saw above with the ankle, changed movement at one joint, in a ripple-effect, leads to subtle compensatory changes throughout body. The combined effect on athletic performance can be devastating.
Not only is there remodeling of muscles and connective tissue. It is now understood that, although the central nervous system (brain plus spinal cord) cannot regenerate neurons (nerve cells), it can and does continuously remodel the connections between neurons and proper connections are essential for normal activities. MyARP provides specific types of electrical stimulation of both nerves (afferent and efferent) and muscles. This technique, combined with a specific, guided exercise program will not only speed up recovery after injury; it has been used successfully to enhance performance and even prevent injury of highly-trained athletes. Thus our theme: Accelerate, Recover, Perform.

Who can use ARP?

The MyARP Concept is beneficial to everyone (*) regardless of age, sex and occupation. We also specialize in the consulting of self-administered, accelerated recovery from all type of muscle injuries and surgery, including the prevention of surgeries. In some cases, we can also treat muscle-related spinal cord injuries.