Neurological Knowledge and Technology

MyARP Concept is a combination of the ARPwave technologies (Patented, FDA/ISO/EC-approved bio-electrical modalities) and the unique, proprietary neurological protocols as well as A.R.P. Concept (Europe) SA’s consultancy services. The results depend entirely on using the technologies according to the ARPwave protocols, and on the knowledge and purposeful application of the principles of the System.

All MyARP services pertain to the entire system as created, developed and used by the founders and owners of ARPwave LLC, ARPwave Manufacturing LLC and EVO Sport Ultrafit (combined referred herein as “ARP USA”). The MyARP short- and long-term consulting plans cover the following:


  • Lower and upper back
  • Knee
  • Hip
  • Arm & fingers
  • Shoulder & elbow
  • Ankle & foot
  • Hamstring & calf
  • Pre- and post- surgery preparation & recovery


  • Performance Consulting
  • Explosiveness & jump power
  • Strength gain
  • Total body sculpturing
  • Spinal cord injuries treatment
  • MS (Multiply Sclerosis)
  • Chronic Arthritis

All feature the appropriate use of the following technologies:

ARP RX 100

the patented device that provides a revolutionary treatment method to eliminate pain.

Download PDF with specifications



providing a new way of accelerated training by stimulating body systems in order to improve and manage athletic performance, general fitness and overall wellbeing.

Download PDF with specifications



The Personal Recovery System is a portable muscle stimulator producing DC electrical impulses through user electrodes. Ideal for Muscle Loosening and Recovery.

Download PDF with specifications


The equipment used is manufactured by ARP MANUFACTURING LLC.


PhysioDynamics, Inc., the predecessor to ARP Manufacturing LLC was incorporated in Colorado USA in 1987 for purpose of manufacturing the Therastim®, a transcultaneous electronic muscle simulator, generating a unique electrical wave form for tissue penetration. Gary Thomas invented and developed the device and received patent approval for his electrotherapeutic apparatus on May 5, 1992, (United States Patent No. 5,109,848). In 1989, PhysioDynamics, Inc. received premarket approval from the FDA for its 510K application related to the Therastim® device. PhysioDynamics, Inc initiated production in 1991 and the first Therastim® machines were placed for sale in commerce later that same year. The market focus began to slowly change, however, after Gary Thomas was introduced to Denis Thompson (“Thompson”) in 1990, who later founded the Accelerated Recovery Performance System and ARPWave. In the early and mid 1990’s Thompson experimented with the Therastim®, developed various protocols for use of the device and traveled to different trade shows demonstrating its use and effectiveness to individuals. During this time period, Thompson developed and perfected his “Search and Destroy”SM method. Thompson determined that the brain was deceiving the patient, as well as conventional medicine in general, by directing pain sensation and resulting treatment to the injured area rather than to an area contributing to the actual cause of the injury. In 1998, with the help of Dr. Steven Moe, Thompson developed the “In Balance”SM system using applied kinesiology, also known as human kinetics. In 1998, Thompson met Frank Schroeder (“Schroeder”), who was involved in strength training and worked with elite athletes in Arizona. In 1999, the two of them began creating strengthening protocols for the Therastim® for use on or by individuals either recovering from injuries or desiring to achieve peak levels of athletic performance. 2001 was also the year the A.R.P. Trainer was introduced into commerce by Thompson. In 2004, the first ARP® Clinic was opened in Burnsville, Minnesota, and provided a place where professional athletes and the public at large could be placed in balance neurologically, recover from injury and increase strength and the ability to absorb force. In 2006, PDI discontinued its Therastim® production and agreed to work exclusively with Thompson to manufacture only the ARP® Trainer. In 2007, PDI was acquired by a new entity organized by Thompson called ARP Manufacturing, LLC, and began to operate under the ARP Manufacturing brand name. In 2009, ARPWave opened its corporate headquarters in Apple Valley, Minnesota. By 2010, ARP Manufacturing had developed two new digital machines for ARPWave. In 2010 ARPWave created protocols for its In BalanceSM system that could be implemented with the use of the new machines and which allowed the company to completely move away from the manual manipulation of the patient. In 2011 ARP Wave LLC began to expand the in home treatment program and looked to add clinics throughout the country to expand treatment services. In October of 2012 ARP Wave LLC made a decision to change the focus of the company from being a provider of treatment services to establishing in main stream medicine a network of providers. This change was facilitated by the change in the traditional medical landscape and acceptance of insurance carriers for ARP Wave treatment services when done in a medical office. September 2013, A.R.P. Concept (Europe) SA was founded in Switzerland.


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